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Since INSIT first began to produce rubber items, it has chosen to perform the entire transformation process internally in order to develop full knowledge of materials and the product.

Backed up by highly sophisticated technologies and specialised know-how acquired over time and supported by research and constant updating and design, the INSIT technological laboratory interprets customer requirements, performs tests and analysis to prevent critical issues arising using FEA studies, builds prototypes, tests their performance and follows projects through to the end of the production chain. A continuous thread from conception to execution ensures that customer objectives are met in terms of performance, quality, reliability, time frames, costs and respect for the environment.

INSIT has always kept pace with changes in the sector in a constantly changing flow of raw materials, production systems and performance. In addition to its technical expertise and resources, it collaborates with major international elastomer producers and tirelessly puts its passion for research and development to the test.

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